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Our specialty is treatment of varicose vein and we started day surgery for varicose vein for the first time in Japan. We have done more than 10,000 operations since we opened this clinic in 2004. We introduced laser treatment when we started the clinic and now we adopt ELVeS 1470, which is the newest laser instrument. The system of the public health insurance for the whole nation of Japan allows ELVeS 1470 to apply for insurance.
Many patients who are coming to our clinic are coming by referral. The ratio of word of mouth accounts for 25% among patients who come to our clinic.
We use a medical attendant system and you need a reservation to meet a doctor.
Please call us anytime. We are waiting to hear from you.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins which are under the surface of the skin. They normally happen in the legs.
Blood circulation consists of arteries and veins. Arterial blood contains oxygen and flows among your body’s tissues. And then blood returns from your body’s tissues to your heart with body wastes through your veins.
There are one-way valves in your veins to keep blood flowing toward your heart. But somehow these valves are damaged or broken, blood flows backward and pool in your leg’s veins and pressure rises inside of the veins. That causes veins swelling creating symptoms of varicose vein.
Although the cause of broken valves is unknown, many factors affect the occurrence of varicose veins. For example: Standing work like a barber, cook, teacher and so on, or being pregnant, having genetic predisposition, or aging, etc.
There are some types of varicose veins such as saphenous type, segmental type, reticular type and web type. Operation is applied to saphenous type and segmental type.

  • What are the symptoms of your legs? You may have varicose veins・・・
    You feel・・・
  • Veins bulge out and those are blue or dark purple in colors.
  • Veins look like spider’s net
  • Calf muscles cramping
  • Heavy and dull
  • Get tired easily
  • Swelling and feeling hot
  • The lower legs have eczema and feel itchy
  • Skin color changes around the ankles and lower legs
  • Skin ulcer:The legs can be developed inflammation. The skin becomes thin down and weak if there are problems with venous circulation. After you have a minor injury, a skin ulcer can be developed, and then the ulcer has a relapse unless you have a treatment to improve the circulation in your legs.

Ultrasound examination

A probe which is a small device is put on your legs during ultrasound test to assess blood flow in veins. You take this test as standing if you have blood backflow. This is non-invasive test. We check saphenous veins and deep veins. In case of testing saphenous veins, we put a probe from your inguinal region to inside of your ankle and also from behind your knee to ankle because these veins run this region and they are adapted to surgery.
If you have blood back flow, you are diagnosed with varicose veins.


How are varicose veins treated?

There are some types of treatments for varicose vein. That is laser treatment, surgery, sclerothrapy and compression therapy. The way of treatment is decided which types of varicose veins you have.
Endovenous laser treatment: We have started endovenous laser treatment since 2004. This types of laser treatment is used for saphenous type.
During an operation, after administering a little sedative, catheter which is a thin tube is put into your vein and a laser fiver is inserted inside of the catheter. And then you are given local anesthesia around treated vein. Laser energy is emitted and destroy varicose vein. This is called ablation.
We adopt ELVeS 1470 which is the newest instrument and the system of the public health insurance for the whole nation of Japan allows ELVeS 1470 to apply insurance, if you have one. ELVeS 1470 has feature of hydrophilic and by attaching to radial 2-ring fiver, we can achieve destruction of the vein wall evenly, immediate closure of the vein and avoid perforation of the vein wall. The results of those, ELVeS 1470 eases postoperative side effects like thermal irritation, subcutaneous bleeding, pain and so on. If you are required varicotomy in the operation, we take your varicose veins out with several tiny cuts.


Surgery: We have lots of experiences to operate for varicose veins such as stripping.
We give incisions on your damaged vein and tie it off, then insert a medical wire which is called “stripper” into your vein. After that we remove the varicose vein out with a stripper.
Sclerotherapy: This treatment is to make blood clots in your veins with sclerosant. It is injected into varicose veins to give a damage to intima inside the veins. This usually works best for small varicose veins after operation.

  • The number of treatment results
    We opened Ryogoku Ashino Clinic 10 years ago. We did more than 10,000 varicose vein operations and carried out sclerotherapy more than 3,800. And also we gave an enormous amount of elastic stockings to patients for 10 years.
  • A case of endovenous laser treatment
    This patient had a great saphenous type varicose vein and took laser treatment.

The worst place inside a vein is not only a lumpy place and also the upper position of the vein. So we applied laser treatment from the inguinal region to just below the knee and we did varicotomy around lumpy area. Blood flow in the leg became normal after laser treatment and the vein, which was damaged with laser, will disappear after 6 months.


3-17-11 Midori Sumida-ku Tokyo Japan 130-0021
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